Arthur Machen

3 March 1863 – 15 December 1947

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Arthur Machen, 1863-1947, is remembered as an author of supernatural and horror fiction.

Following its publication in 1894, The Great God Pan was denounced for its sexual and horrific content, but more recently Stephen King has described the novella as “maybe the best (horror story) in the English language”, and it was an influence on Guillermo del Toro’s 2006 film Pan’s Labyrinth.

Born Arthur Llewelyn Jones in Caerleon, Gwent, Machen was an author, journalist and actor. Descending from a long line of Anglican clergymen, Machen’s mystical and spiritual beliefs, combined with his interest in the medieval, led him to create his own particular fusion of literature and legend.

Information from Wikipedia & The Friends of Arthur Machen