"Books for summer cycling"

The best books to celebrate the cycling boom – from The Guardian
Hannah Ross’s recommends five books for cycling fans and newcomers alike. This appeared in The Guardian Review, 20 June 2020.

In Pursuit of Spring describes the more modest journey taken by Edward Thomas in March 1913, but more than makes up for it with the beauty of his meditative prose. The poet, heading west to meet spring, evokes the tranquillity of empty roads and peaceful villages. His close observations of nature bursting into life are a balm for the soul, and one of the greatest evocations of the quiet joy and immersive quality of cycle touring. Each spring I head west as well, following much the same route, a cycling ritual I’ve sorely missed this year.”

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In Pursuit of Spring is available as a digital e-book in epub and mobi formats through the Cromen shop and as a paperback book on Amazon and Lulu – go to In Pursuit of Spring page for further information.