Rapture and rebellion!

A grail quest and a boy's public school torment.
Written by Arthur Machen between 1899 and 1908 but unpublished until 1922, The Secret Glory is said to have influenced John Betjeman and is mentioned in his autobiographical blank-verse Summoned by Bells.

Ambrose Meyrick becomes a model pupil following a sadistic beating at his public school, Lupton. He works hard at his classics and even plays rocker with relish. Memories of country walks with his father, the stories of Ilar Sant and an unforgettable visit to Mr Cradock are never far from his mind. He lives two eager lives, the outer school life and a deeper inner life in which he sees everything transfigured into a radiant glory.

The Secret Glory is available as a digital e-book in epub and mobi formats through the Cromen shop and will soon be available as a paperback book on Amazon and Lulu – go to The Secret Glory page for further information.