The Secret Glory in New Welsh Review

Issy Rixon on an early twentieth-century Gothic coming-of-age novel about nonconformity, nature, art and keeping your beliefs secret
The Secret Glory is an unorthodox, spiritual coming-of-age story which contains elements of Machen’s own upbringing, making it a semi-autobiographical narrative which displays an outsider’s perspective on a conformist society… Ultimately, The Secret Glory proves itself to be a tricky piece of writing, with constant references to Celtic mythology, ancient language and symbols, and it requires a trained mind to pick up all of Machen’s references… Nevertheless, it is still an entertaining read, and provides us with thought provoking questions over whether there really is only one route to spiritualism, whether the education system stifles creativity and so on. For me, this novel is a satire of conformity and a message on the divergence of purpose.”

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The Secret Glory is available as a digital e-book in epub and mobi formats through the Cromen shop and as a paperback book on Lulu – go to The Secret Glory page for further information.