#50 best novels in Welsh

A series of reflections by Simon Brooks on the 50 best novels written in Welsh.
Over this lockdown period Simon Brooks has been presenting a series of reflections on Twitter and selecting his ‘Top 50’ of novels written in Welsh – you can follow him on @Seimon_Brooks_

Daniel Owen has two novels in the top 10 – Enoc Huws is placed at no. 1 while Rhys Lewis is at no. 6. Brooks says that Enoc Huws, originally published in 1891, is still worth reading, tremendous and a work of genius. Rhys Lewis is described as playful, entertaining and interesting – and both novels are masterpieces.

Enoc Huws and Rhys Lewis are available as a digital e-books in epub and mobi formats through the Cromen shop and as paperback books on Amazon and Lulu – go to the Enoc Huws and Rhys Lewis pages for further information.